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Video of a crop tour and filed of beans

Our Commitment to Growers

When Rudy Agro Ltd. opened its doors in 2000, our team decided to focus on three main principles: quality, pricing, and service. We are proud to say that our guiding values remain the same to this day.


We provide the same attention to every customer, no matter the size of the contract. Reach out anytime to start the conversation and build a lasting relationship.

Production Contracts
Rudy Agro test plots grown with the guidance of an agrologist

Production Contracts

In order to ensure supply for our buyers, Rudy Agro offers pre-plant production contracts for growers.  We provide a flexible pricing system with the hope that each grower can find terms that fit their needs.  


Details of our current programs can be found below, and more information is always available from our office.  

Contact Les or Brett for answers to your questions.

Marrowfat Peas

marrowfat peas and production contract

Glacier Pinto Beans

white mountain II pinto beans and production contract

Yellow Beans

cdc sunburst yellow beans and production contract

Cranberry Beans

cranberry beans and production contract

Rudy Agro is pleased to provide contracts for several different commodities.
Click on the buttons for details or call Lester at 306-867-8667 to discuss.

Growing Pulses
field of beans with irrigation on the Saskatchewan prairie

Growing Pulse Crops

Below are links to valuable information regarding pulse production. While we grow several different types and varieties, agronomics is largely the same for each type.  A pea is a pea, a bean is a bean. Having said that, we have our own tips that may help you to maximize your yield.

Cover Crop Seed
dust storm on the prairies

Cover Crops & Forage Crops

Cover crops have many purposes, including building organic matter, supporting soil biota, improving water infiltration, recovering nutrients that have leached lower into the soil profile, and, of course, helping prevent soil erosion.  Irrigation growers, particularly those that grow dry beans or potatoes, can especially appreciate the importance of having something to prevent the late fall, winter and early spring dust storms. 


Rudy Agro is pleased to have partnered with Imperial Seeds in order to provide cover crop and forage seed for our growers. Click on the links below to download the brochures. 


For more information, contact Michelle at 306-867-8667 or stop in at the country office.

Cover Crops

Buckwheat cover crop growing to prevent topsoil from blowing away

Cover crops can help prevent your topsoil from blowing away. Moreover, they contribute to the health of your soil in a variety of ways.

Forage Crops

alfalfa forage crop growing to prevent soil erosion

In addition to protecting soil, preventing erosion and building organic matter, companion crops can yield a quick-growing and valuable source of forage for livestock.

Research and Updates
Rudy Agro test plots growing crops with the help of an agronomist

Research & Updates

We strive to keep our growers and buyers in the loop and in the know. In addition to field days and crop tours, we participate in educational opportunities and are happy to share information and research.

Disease Management in Organic Pulse Crops

Pea ascochyta blight

Sabine Banniza with the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre explored common diseases in pulse crops and options for organic disease management. 

Enhanced Weed Control in Organic Crops

lentil field

A team from the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre conducted research on organic weed control. Their PPT presentation reviews both agronomic and mechanical methods. 

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