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Our Commitment to Buyers

Rudy Agro is committed to earning and maintaining trust and support in the export markets as a quality supplier. Our corporate values of fair trade, integrity and communication guide the work we do and we appreciate strong relationships with both growers and buyers.

Mayocoba beans


Rudy Agro specializes in lentils, beans, faba beans, peas, chickpeas, and related by-products. Our expertise and practical experience growing these crops are reflected in the support we provide to producers and the quality we guarantee buyers.

Marrowfat Peas

marrowfat peas

Whole Green Peas

whole green peas

Yellow Peas

yellow peas

Austrian Winter Peas

austrian winter peas

Maple Peas

maple peas

Forage Peas

forage peas

Small Green Lentils

small green lentils

Large Green Lentils

large green lentils

Red Lentils

red lentils

Gluten-Free Red & Green Lentils

gluten free green and red lentils

Faba Beans

faba beans

CDC Sunburst Mayocoba Beans

cdc sunburst mayocoba beans

Slow-Darkening Pinto Beans

white mountain pinto

Flor de Junio Beans

fleur de junio beans

Otebo Beans

oteba beans

Black Beans

black beans

Cranberry Beans

cranberry beans

Kabuli Chickpeas (7,8,9mm)

kabuli chickpeas
Mettler Toledo xray machine for sorting lentils, peas and beans to ensure pulses are of high quality


Rudy Agro employs the latest technology to ensure the highest quality end product.  Along with the standard wind and screen machines, destoners and gravity tables, we also incorporate a magnetic dirt separator.  Our color sorter detects and removes discoloured and foreign materials.  We are also fully equipped with metal detection and magnets to reduce contamination, and our x-ray technology aids in the detection of other contaminants.  All of these things combined allow Rudy Agro to deliver the highest quality, table-ready pulses from North America.

container ship taking pulse crops to Europe and Asia

Licensed, Bonded & Certified

Rudy Agro is licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission. We are also HACCP certified and hold Kosher and Organic certifications, enabling us to meet the most challenging market requirements and allowing our products access to all markets globally. 

Cdn Grain Commission REVISED.png

Canadian Grain Commission / Commission canadienne des grains

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points

Kosher Check

Organic Crop Improvement Association

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